RTLS Real-Time Locating System

Locates real-time objects position in a specific area, in order to monitor production process steps.
  • What it's for

    RTLS system locates objects and persons position real-time, monitoring also the production steps. It is possible thanks to a mesh network able to identify, locate and track the objects or people, using mobile tags, and cover multi-building organization for N-network.

    Localization is based on a high accuracy Time of Flight (ToF) UWB signal.

  • Main features
    • Logistic-productive flow monitoring, improving workflow and delivery terms:
    • Lean approach in the productive organization
    • Last tracked position when offline
    • Multiple areas management through lan/wi-fi and other connections
    • Totally wireless transmitter or receiver
Application fields

To locate equipments and objects in industrial plants.

  • LOGISTICS: tracking equipment in industrial plants, locate packages
  • INDUSTRIAL: to streamline production processes
  • HEALTHCARE: to determine medical equipment position in hospital, track and monitor patients
  • ANY OPEN OR CLOSED AREA: to locate objects or people even in larger and crowded areas (parking lots, shopping malls, etc.)