Validation & calibration test system

This system is used for periodic maintenance, validation or verification of EGSE/SCOE systems. The verification can include external cables.
  • What it's for

    This system can also be used to validate other systems, as Validation & Calibration is a general purpose system.

    The rack can be controlled and connected via LAN to the SCOE Controller. Through dedicated automatic tests, the test sequences enables to validate and calibrate the rack under test, if necessary.

  • Available tools
    • 1kW 32Amp electronic load
    • DMM 34792A (keysight) 32channel (or similar)
    • Power MUX 25ch to El. Load
    • Mux for connection to TM/TC signals to DMM (keysight)
    • Fixed load
    • Digital I/O board for digital signal monitoring & generation
    • Analog I/O board for analog signal generation & monitoring
    • Break-out box for manual verification when necessary up to 100 lines
    • Safety loop verification tool
    • PDU AC power distributor and Emergency button

The instruments collocated into Validation & Calibration tool to create a loopback and to measure all the tools and generators in the PSS SCOE are described in AVAILABLE TOOLS section.