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Collaboration, continuous innovation and a common vision of the future

Our organization isn’t a top-down type, we haven’t employees, we are collaborators. For sure we have an organizational structure, decision-making processes, but each of us feels to belong to a great family, who firmly believe in the respect and selfless teamplay.

Collaboration and mutual support are our distinctive trait. We’d like that all our collaborators can find in the company not only a professional, but a personal path of growth. Each of us enhances the whole team and  back again.

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Common questions about working with us

If you've got more questions we'll do our best to answer. Get in touch.

  • Can I apply spontaneously?

    Yes, sure, even if a research is not open, all applications are welcome. We always archive cvs, so your application will not be lost.

  • Is there a deadline to present an application to open positions?

    Job applications will remain open until the position is covered.

  • When will I receive a feedback on my application?

    We will give a feedback within 3 working days.

  • How much does it take for the selection process?

    We usually take on average 2 weeks, we meet our applicants at least twice.

  • What do you mean by meritocracy?

    We do not take in consideration company seniority, we take in consideration your professional growth and your soft skills.

Sharing culture & values

Our work  mindset  is based on an advanced education concept. Not simply  a preliminary activity,  but continuing education process, which is continuing evolution.

We need to oxygenate with new knowledge: curiosity and the desire to propose solutions innovative solutions are the mainspring which makes our group competitive and constantly growing.

We do not want our collaborators’ working life being dull, we do not want work being mechanical repetition of what we learned at school. We do believe that there can’t be professional development without self development.

Jobs at CBL Electronics

We are eager to receive new applications. Do not stop sending your application if you see that the position you desire is not open. We file every CV we receive with great care.

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