The system supports the assembly, integration and validation phases of satellite or subsystems.
The COTE system is also used during launch operations.
  • What it's for

    The system, which includes umbilical FEE connection, is used to assembly, verify, test and supply the satellite during all integration and testing activities including launch campaign.

    The system can be configured as AIV or COTE system and can be customized with additional features.

  • Technical features
    • 3 SAS sections (300W each)
      • Bus power supply via three SA modules
      • Battery charging via two SA modules when S/C in OFF conditions
    • 3 Secondary level protection modules with Isolation Switch for SAS connections
    • RS422 TM/TC and LS UART module interface and routing (OBC/OCOE)
    • 8-BSM SRC interface
      • 4 to skin JE21 and JE25 and 4 to skin JE22 and JE26
    • 1 AT MEGA 2560 LAN (RS422 enable signals & Temperature conversion to LCD display)
    • 1 Alphanumeric Display 4x20 characters (for Temperature monitoring through AT MEGA)
    • 1 Power Supply circuitry +/-15V for battery current monitoring circuit
    • 1 Red Light little tower to indicate if Bus Voltage exceeds 10V (also remotely monitorable)
    • 4 Display Meters for Umbilical or PCDU Test IF monitoring
      • 1 Display and 4mm banana socket for Battery current monitoring (also DMM monitored)
      • 2 Displays and 4mm banana sockets for Battery voltage monitoring (also DMM monitored)
      • 1 Display and 4mm banana socket for Main Bus voltage monitoring (also DMM monitored)
    • Umbilical Panel monitoring (from umbilical connectors)
      • 3 Battery temperature monitoring through DMM AT MEGA 2560 10-bit A/D converter
      • 2 Launch OFF Strap Statuses (BSM receiver non-standard, comparators and LEDs)
      • 2 Switches for Launch OFF Strap simulation (normally closed)
      • 2 Switches for Deployment Strap simulation (normally closed)
      • 1 Switch for Override Strap simulation also remotely controllable (normally opened)
    • PCDU TEST I/F panel monitoring (skin connector)
      • 3 VCC Main Bus voltage monitoring through 4mm banana socket & DMM
      • 2 VCC Battery voltage monitoring through 4mm banana sockets & DMM
      • 1 MEA voltage monitoring through 4mm banana socket & DMM
      • 2 Switches for MEA test fault (normally opened)
    • NEA LOAD SIMULATOR (drawer)
      • Loads simulator for 8 NEA lines (3 loads configuration in manual mode)
      • 8 BNC for voltage connection to oscilloscope.
    • Computer for communication lines and SCOE control (RS422, LAN, USB ETC.)
    • 1 External 19’’ Monitor for PC (not hosted in the rack)
    • Keysight DMM 34972A
    • PDU MAIN Power Distributor 220V AC line