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Who we are

CBL Electronics is an electronic design company managing all aspects of electronic design process, from specifications acquisitions to products manufacturing.

Our company was founded in 2002, on the professional experiences summary gained by the three founding partners: Andrea Cannavicci, Massimiliano Bellucci and Fabrizio Lazzari. At first the company dealt mostly with semiconductor testing services, but thanks to its founders skills and vision, CBL has become a reference point in leading testing campaigns for key players in strategic markets such as aerospace, defence and naval.


Not only electronic design

At the beginning the predominant sector was providing testing services to semiconductors industries. The significant growth, during the first years, enables CBL to establish itself as official partner of leading companies, paving the way to the development in sectors more and more specialised and competitive.

We deal with testability analysis and automatic tests on Boundary Scan. We design and provide a complete solution, not only production of automatic or semi-automatic test systems.


Ready for everyday challenges

Today we can manage the entire production process, from design to implementation and commissioning of the final product: hardware and software design, firmware, CAD layout design, development of test systems and programs and support to reliability tests.

Our partners appreciate us for what we can do best: to study turnkey projects based on their requirements, because the real core of our commitment is to work in order to get better and better results and to live up to the expectations.

We are ready to face new challenges, together.

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