PHVM-2K programmable HV module for ATE

Isolated high voltage generator plug-in module for semiconductors ATE.
  • What it's for

    The “Programmable HV Module” is a 5W accurate and isolated high voltage generator using SMD and hybrid technology. The PHVM is completely floating and highly isolated from the user I/O control.

    The HV output level (up to 2kV) is adjustable through 0-10V DC voltage control.
    Voltage and current monitoring are based on isolated high accuracy and high-speed components (0-10V ratio).

    Six different ranges are provided for output load current measurement. An isolated SPI standard interface is provided to fully control the PHVM module.

  • Main features


    • High Isolation Floating HV Output
    • vs I/Os >3.5 kV rms


    • Set Input Voltage Range 10V
    • Input-Output Force Voltage Ratio (V/V) 1:200 UNIT


    • Output Voltage measure (HVmeas) 0-10V (10V FS @2kV Ouput)
    • Output Voltage Measurement Accuracy < 0.2%
    • Output Current Measure (HVIms) 0-10V (10V FS
    • @each Range)
    • Output Current Measurement Accuracy < 0.2%
    • Six Current Ranges (100nA, 1uA, 10uA, 100uA, 1mA, 2.5mA)


    • Isolated SPI Interface, 4× TTL DIO (SDI, SDO, SCLK, CS)
Technical features
  • 12V Single Supply Voltage
  • Single Voltage Output Range 0-2000V
  • High Voltage Accuracy < 1% (Forcing)
  • Max Output Current 2.5mA
  • Rising time  0V-2kV (10nF load), 75msec
  • Vin to HVout Propagation Delay 5 msec typ