DC Power & lighting

Maximum efficiency, minimum loss.
  • What it's for

    FULL DC POWER is a device completely powered by direct current produced by solar panels, which ensures a correct and constant power supply of electronic devices in a completely eco-friendly way.

    Our device is fully safe and redundant, in case of lack of sun and when the battery is low, the system gets energy from AC/DC power, without interruption.

  • Technical features
    • Eco friendly & energy saving: using sunlight to produce energy you contribute to reduce pollution
    • Reduce loss from AC to DC conversion: each power supply has losses and with our device we can decrease and regulate them
    • No maintenance: thanks to this system it is not necessary to do a periodic maintenance check
    • Low cost: savings from solar can be significant, compared to other sources
Full control with our app

You can control the lighting system through your smartphone in a simple and intuitive way. Whith your credentials you can use the application safely and display the map of lights associated with your account to adjust the brightness.

  • Total lighting control: you have access to the lights of your area to regulate their brightness
  • Easy to use: all your lights controlled in a few cliks... Simple as that
  • Security: access to the facility is controlled by credentials
  • Telemetric system: via app see how much electricity consumption and how much you s