Electronic load + short circuit generator features

From openload to full load regulation in less than 50 microseconds.
  • What it's for

    Flexibility to test a wide range of applications from power-supply test to simulation of high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps. Customized solution of different configurations can be provided on request.

  • Operation

    The EL operates in different modes: Constant Current (CC), Constant Voltage (CV) Constant Resistance (CR), load step (up/down), single and continuous mode.
    A Short Circuit Generator (SCG) galvanically isolated is also included in the same case to allow further protection and limitation current test.

    The EL can be controlled in manual or remote modes. Remote control is possible through USB or LAN connection.
    The display shows the setted pharameters and measured values of currents and voltages.
    Trigger signal is also available for short circuit activation or load variation.

    An intelligent system is included to reduce acoustic noise while the normal operation.
    Max power limitation and thermal protection are also included.

Key features

It is configurable for different voltages and current values. The equipment is assembled on a rackable 19''.